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About Little Magpies

Hey Mama, 

If you feel like you’ve lost a bit of YOU since your little one arrived then you’re not alone. Are your outfit choices based on what’s clean rather than what’s stylish? Does baby puke on or destroy anything you actually feel decent in? Maybe you once loved jewellery but haven't worn it for a while? I completely understand.

Many mums, myself included, feel like their sense of style slips away after having children. They spend their time shopping for cool baby clothes whilst themselves making do with whatever they can find in the wardrobe that fits. When I had my boys I had absolutely no desire to splurge on new clothes, especially as I went up a dress size and intended to get back into shape (still hoping!). So I made do with what I had and jazzed up my outfits with colourful necklaces and accessories. I felt like I was finding myself again, sort of. 

My first son had other ideas though. He chewed on and broke some of my favourite necklaces with his grabby little fingers and Hercules strength. So I stopped wearing jewellery completely but I missed it especially as my mum clothes were mostly monochrome and I felt pretty drab. 

I’ve been making and restoring jewellery for years so I used my skills to create a stylish and practical range of jewellery, especially for mums. Inspired by high street trends and seasonal colours it looks like fashion jewellery and is safe for baby to chew and fiddle with. 

I’m on a one mum mission to help mamas look stylish and feel good. Like most mums, I don't identify with the slummy/yummy stereotypes. I'm somewhere in the middle and I’m all about focusing on the positive. So I’ve created a new range of printed accessories with a positive message to boost confidence and remind you that you're doing great. 

If you love what we do join the brand new Mamas Union Facebook group for encouragement to feel positive about parenting, style hints, teething tips, special offers and regular reminders that you’re doing amazing (because YOU ARE).

Hope to see you there. 



 Little Magpies donates 10% of profits to PANDAS Foundation (Pre and Post Natal Depression Advice and Support) a charity supporting mums through support groups, dads groups, a phone helpline and online support. Our products are for mums, we're all about mums, and PANDAS Foundation is the perfect organisation for Little Magpies to support.